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puppet poem

And the dancing birds

And my head in the clouds

She will protect you,

Her sharpened teeth

Hide a gentle heart.

Under the soaring trees

Our roots

To the depths

Of the sea

And the swimming jellyfish

And my womb yelling


I will protect you,

All my life

I sharpen my teeth

And my heart softened

By your life so fragile

Entrusted into my hands

Of a mother

premiere: 18. 6. 2022, festival OBRfest, Brno

Concept, performance: Aude Stulírová Martin

Dramaturgy: Paulína Petáková

Choreography: Marie Svobodová

Scenography, manufacturing, light, technical support: Drahomír Stulír

Puppets: Katanari

Music: Jono Heyes

This show was created in 2022 thanks to financial support of Brno city hall.

Show was also supported by NAPLAVENO.

Plume_credit Drahomir Stulir.jpg
Plume_ credit Le Cabaret Nomade.jpg

Special thanks for financial support to:

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