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postcards of travels around the world

A journey there, and back

A journey inside, and out

A journey back, and there


- When I touched her, she looked like me...

- Like me?

- I realised that there are a lot of people on earth!

- Welcome people to our world!

- Traveling around the world is not that easy!

- And where are you from?

We invite you

And other people (!)

To an ephemeral story

In an ephemeral cotton tent

Which, this time, it will last forever

online premiere: 12. 11. 2020

Concept: Aude Stulírová Martin, Marie Svobodová

Directing, dramaturgy: Tereza Agelová

Performance: Aude St. Martin/Jordana Blažková, Marie Svobodová

Scenography, manufacturing, technical support: Drahomír Stulír

Puppets: Katanari

Costumes: Magdaléna Teleky

Texts: Tereza Agelová

Speach: Eliška Soukupová

Music: Nèro Scartch


Special thanks for financial support to:

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